quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2015

Robin Thicke rules

Sexist? Well, maybe.
But the thing is: for me, it works. And wow, how it works.
Because I just don't get fixed in a specific role - specially the role of a female sub. So, while I listen, I do what I do in so many ways: I switch.
I say:
I wanna give it to you, tonight
And make everything you fantasize
Come true, ooh baby
I'll make you so so so amazing
I'll give it to you

He says:
Tasty, I bought lace for ya
Freaky, I'll put it on ya
Yeah, so I can come and take it off ya
Yeah, and get off to ya

He may also say:
What's that baby? I like that girl
I like that baby, on your back girl
On your back, yeah shake it like that girl

Why the hell wouldn't I be on my back and shake it? Certainly it would be only part of a greater picture. And  in my fantasies (as well when it comes to real), I'm simply not used by anyone in any way I don't want. I do as I please. And thankfully I'm pleased by a myriad things.
We both say:
Now all I wanna do is get, get you back (get, get)
Cause girl, you're still the best that I've ever had
Come on, I'm an addict
Come on, gotta have
Come on, let me at it tonight

He says:
I wanna live between your legs
Hear all the freaky things you said

And on and on I go.
Up and down the rollacoasta:
Up side down I never wanna stop
Take me to the limit till I drop
Rollacoasta make you scream

Take me back, take me back
One more time around the track
One more time just on the top let me ride with you tonight
Here we go round and round twist and turn I'm heavenbound
One more time around the track 

Take me to the edges one more time
I'll come right down again
Take me on a ride boy if you dare
You know I'm going in

All these lyrics inspire me a lot. In a very graphic way.

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