domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

O fogo do ciúme

Diva. Divina.
Essa música é maravilhosa. E essa versão ao vivo... uau!
Warda morreu no ano passado. Fadl Shaker parou de cantar porque converteu-se radicalmente, juntou-se a um grupo extremista sunita e agora é procurado pela polícia do Líbano. Putz...

Try the fire of jealousy and tell me your opinion
Try and describe it for me
Try to make night into day
Under you are thorns and your eyes are afire
Try the fire of jealousy!

So many times, jealousy took me from you and brought me back
And now you are leaving me in this fire
without feeling my suffering
It seems that you are without care
or that you enjoy my jealousy?
I vow to make you taste it, to make you try it a little.
I'll allow you, once, to see me in the eyes
of the one who saw me
Neither do I know him, nor he me,
though making himself close to me
I saw in your eyes a glance which contains bitter jealousy
That way was the first time!
Now taste the second!

Garrab nar el gheira w 2olly eih ra2yak
Garrab w ewsefly
Garrab leylak yb2a nhar
Ta7tak shok w 3younak nar
Garrab nar el gheira
Yama el gheira khadetne 2odamak w gabetne
W enta fnary fayetne wla 7ases wih beiha
Atareek mesh 3la balakaw gheirety bte7lalk
2olt adwe2halak w tgarrabha shwaya
Sebtak mara tshofne fe 3youn wa7ed shafne
La a3rafo wla ye3rafne w yet3arab leiha
Shef fe 3ynak nazra feeha el gheira el morra
Keda men awal marra tayb el tanya